Penny Shute Menze

Hello Friends,

Welcome and Thank You for visiting!!

Please join me, in a full circle adventure, which has taken me back to my roots.... I learned how "Dead or Alive", taking care of your roots... they take care of you.

The upcoming project, entitled "The Keweenaw Secret", is a concept-story album.  However, as my life circle connected, the story grew into a fictional, historic-drama, covering four era's and five generations.  The story, now too large for an album, has become a novel... and finally, the album will be based off this novel.

How did this happen?  It didn't happen overnight and fiction is part autobiographical.... I lived part of it.  The family roots took care of me, protected me and comforted me, during this journey.

Please sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy this ride.

With much gratitude,