"A Dubrovnik War Story" by Anita Rakidzija

Raining in NM, a litte turbulent flying into ABQ.  I can't wait to have some Green Chili Soup!  Fresh roasted NM Hatch green chili.  The Airport has fresh homemade green chili soup as most of the hotels too.  I think I'll pair it with a Cabernet.  Not sure if that's right, but will treat myself tonight.

Today, I have been reading "A Dubrovnik War Story" by Anita Rakidzija.  

This story is a one person account of what her family encountered during the Yugoslavian war for Independence 1991-1995.  Rushed away from their home, refugee's, never knowing if her husband was alive, trying to keep her two children safe, warm and fed (sleeping on floors, trying to find shelter).  Her husband became a soldier for the Croatian resistance.  Defending their country!  What it was like with no help from Western Countries or the rest of Europe, having no aide.  Fighting with mostly hunting rifles against what was for MANY years their own army; The Yugoslav Army. 

I'm early into the book, have already cried, and I did peak at some of the back pages.  I was disturbed to see that her son was killed.

This is one person's account of this  4 year Croatian War.  It was a barbaric and  Yugoslavia was not a 3rd world country.  Yugoslavia had recently hosted the Olympics!!

When I visited Croatia in 2012, I was very taken by this conflict and didn't know very much about it.  What they went through and really how recent it was.  I remember what I was doing in the 90's and am sick to think and realize what these people were enduring (atrocities) so recent.  

In "the story", I hope I can somehow do these people justice and pay homage to them. 

My Grandfather came from Croatia, my Grandmother from Slovenia.  While on a tour in Croatia, I have been haunted by what the guide told us...."be thankful for the opportunities our grandparents gave you".  I understood then, how they feel; they were left behind.  I was so taken by this trip.  I then understood the hierarchy of the "the old country".  The love, the roots....HOW deep they ran, how you take care of them.... how they have nurtured YOU.  How they have taken care of me and I didn't even know it.  It was an emotional trip and I hope I can somehow show my appreciation and love through this story. They are my family.



Heather Mitchell March 18, 2015 @09:27 pm
I can't wait to read more, keep it coming.

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