Back in Nashville

It's interesting you know.  All my life I thought I was pursuing "a dream".  I wanted to be a singer.  I got to Nashville and realized a true country artist is a singer/songwriter.   I have been told this throughout my life, but had to figure it out for myself.  I worked hard at singing and figuring out how to be in bands, how to talk in a mike and work a crowd.  I was told I needed to be a show person, like Barbara Mandrell.  I tried cordless mikes, running around the club and singing and dancing with people while I was singing.  I would throw the mike in the air and catch it..... this wasn't me and I didn't really enjoy it.   I made a living playing music singing cover tunes for 20 years.  I've been playing music professionally (getting paid to do it) for 33 years now, and this year I feel like I have just begun.  I have a strong desire now to write.  To get what is in me...out, and I want to sing about it, because I can.  I'm 48 years old, and I've just begun.

I've been in Arizona much. Have had family issues happening there.  These are the blessing in life that you have to pay attention to.  I stopped what I was doing...but you know.... I wasn't headed in the right direction before.  During my hiates (spelling?), I figured out what I want to write about, how I want to approach it, what direction I want to go, etc.  All along, my friends and family making my life blossom.  Stop to take care of your blessings...and watch what will happen.

If Shawna and I didn't spend time together a few years ago, I don't think I ever would have finished my album "Planes, Train's, Trucks...Lovin' & Leavin'.  I'd still be working on it.  I have Shawna to thank for this.  Now you'll be hearing from a dear friend of mine Gil....We'll affectionally call him GG.  Gil, gave me a job, and found me another job when our company was laying off.  He loves music and has always been passionate about his guitar playing (you should see his arsenol of guitars).   He is no stranger to hard work.  But there is one thing that sets him apart.  The capacity of his heart. 

I was driving my car back to Nashville a couple weeks ago and was on the phone with GG...driving down I40.  My 3rd time back in Nashville, I told him "3rd time's a charm!".  He told me something to the effect of "I am proud of will be successful".  I told him the hardest part is this damn media/network stuff.  There is so much of can I possibley keep it all up and focus on the writing.  Yes..the product is in place..but without the songs, I don't have a product.  This is when GG said "I'll do it".  He said "You will not be alone this time".   I know without a doubt we'll be in it 'til the end.  Just the words alone I will always remember, and I knew when he said these words, that he was determined.  I do have to say too, that I have a family with me this time as well.   It's different this time.  All because I stopped for the blessings.  I pray to keep this balance in my life.

To that end..... meet the one and only GG!  He will be tending to this here site...and this here site needs some tending too!  I'm going to start up a blog on wordpress and man that site.  I'm actually even going to start twittering!  Even going to send little movies on Facebook....and whatever else my boss tells me to do.  He said that he is not my boss, but he really is....and I need one!!!

Well I have to sign off now... I was supposed to have the business plan outlined by yesterday and I'm not done.  I have to go to Douglas Corner  tonight to see friend Reese Wilson play his writer round.  I will upload him on Facebook...actually I did recently.  His son Kyler video'd him.  Reese is recently back in Nashville too.  He took a 10 year hiates himself.  I'm glad he's back...he'll be charting soon, to add to his 90's success...:)  keep a watch on this feller :)


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