I am not ready to go bonkers yet....but I give much recognition to writers.  How they stay focused, how they stay lonely.  Grueling hours of no interaction and staying the course of "the story".  I have Banjo...I'm lucky, and I haven't been holed up that long....  I see now how I need more time to be alone.  I don't need one more month....could really use the whole year off.  Banjo and I did get a walk in.  Me on snowshoes.  Check out the instagram pix with the 10 MPH sign, barely sticking out of the snow.  The snow is starting to pack down (mid 30's today), but you can see how high the snow really is by looking at the sign.  Talked to Uncle Bernie last night.  He's in Tucson for the winter.  Says he thinks about home everyday...that he misses being here.  Says he thinks of his mom, dad, Bernice (my mom) daily and how hard everything was on my mom.  They are buried together with two other siblings that died as children.  Uncle Bernie turns 89 this Thursday and he wanted to make sure I tell everyone that he knows (that I run into), that he gives them his best.  I can't wait to see him back in Calumet.  Finished up 100 index cards of scenes.  Right or wrong...done.  Will populate the cork board now, and begin writing in my scrivener novel program and final draft screenplay program.  Still don't know what I'm doing....just doing.  Onward I and Banjo (he wants to go outside now).

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