Chicago !!

Back in Chicago to put on a show with my friends King, Kash & Killer.  A tribute to Elvis, Johnny and Jerry Lee.  I will be performing Dolly, June, Patsy, Loretta and Lynn Anderson tunes.  These gentlemen are fun showmen.  I love this gig! 

Afterwards, it's back up to the UP.  So far this year, there is not much in the way of snow.  However, according to the forecast, looks like it may snow the whole time I am home.  

While on the road this past week, I was reviewing songs for the upcoming album, organizing 4 songs to be written (for album), and deciding on the ones that are ready.  Also... much pondering on the story line for album.  This album will be a concept album. While in Nashville,  I should be able to get into the studio by early spring.   Hopefully get a handful of songs cut, while honing in the rest of the album during course of summer and fall.  Final touches by next winter and spring.  This is the plan.  Been working on a handful of Croatian songs too.  

Chicago loves their music and I love Chicago !

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