Cudo's to Banjo

Banjo has been so patient.  Banjo is my 4 year old Blue Heeler Baby.  Today was spent mostly on index cards, and patient Banjo kept curled up next to me.  Each index card is a scene of "the story".   Working on 100.  I'm hoping to be halfway done.....but it's already 6:00pm. Where does the day go.  Once this is done I figure it will be a great way to launch into writing the story....filling in the novel writing program and screen play writing program that I do not know how to use yet.  Also have the Hollywood "Board" to fill up with scenes.  I need one more month off..... I'm on a rolllllll.  But I can see that this is elephant is much bigger than anticipated.  Today in Calumet; in the 20's. Sunshiney clear Arizona kinda sky.  When I tap my last period, Banjo and I will go snow shoeing.

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