First time staying downtown Dallas, what a pretty City.  I need to come back and spend some more time in Fort Worth / Dallas.  On my way to LA today.  "On the Road Again".

I spent a glorious 2 weeks up in the Keweenaw.  Mostly painted, but feel like I still accomplished much. Working on this home, that was built in 1885, has proved medicinal.  A great project for me, that includes my family, and something I can lock up and walk away from, but still feel creative while I am there.  This past trip I decided the pink bathroom must go.  The hallway and stairwell were also very sterile.  I wanted to practice the art of fauxing a wall.....  Well, practice I did. The results are outstanding.  The bathroom is now a  Grey tone, with glaze over a lighter gray....beautiful.  The hallway has the grey tone, but I sponged white/glaze on top and lightly brushed.  It's a feathery plaster look now and a great segue that flows into the white bedrooms.  Love the crisp clean fresh white bedrooms upstairs.  One wall coming up the stairs is a dark grey (Restoration Hardware) color... the other wall the lighter feathery wall, which flows into the hall.  I then learned how to chalk paint and have since painted the bath cabinets.  Instead of the out of period cabinets that were in the bathroom, now I have a used new worn polished cabinet.  Chalk Painting is the bomb... if you get a chance, check out chalk painting on YouTube with Annie Sloan! 

I met with a writer / editor in the area.  How uplifting she was, and is connected with other fellow writers.  The majority of whom are published.  She said she'd love to work with me on my project..... How great is this.  I told her all I was doing at the moment was painting.  She said that Budha says, painting and gardening bring forth much creativity.  Well she was right.  During Painting, I met Cindy, and was contacted by my favorite Croatian Band.  I was telling them about my visit to Croatia and how on the next album I would love some Tambura instruments (Croatian Instruments), my new friend offered and said they would play on anything of mine.  Much happening while I was brushing, sponging, rolling, taping and cleaning.  If I had a garden, you can bet I would have been out there.  No gardens yet.... but I truly love them.  Now is not the time.  Much happens when I work at things.... But, also much happens when I don't.  So very interesting this universe.

Banjo and I walked much and played frisbee.  I love his company.

Another neighbor down the street, provides must insight and inspiration.  I fellow writer, retired teacher (writing), published author and town historian.  I feel a collaboration in the future.  Another neighbor is very healthy and loves to jog.  We went several times together.  My little town in Michigan is a wonderful home base.  It's little now.... but was mighty then.... I cannot wait for all to see and hear the history........

OK..... painting over...... back to writing :)

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