Heart & Soul Cafe Monday's

Last Monday was so nice.  My 2nd cousin Betty and hubby Roger came in. They live in Scottdale in the winter and Milwaukee the rest of the time.  Betty's father was my Grandfather's brother.  They lived in the Copper Mining town of Calumet, Michigan.  My Grandfather owned a bar named after the family name of "Shute". This bar was in the family for 70 years.  This is where my Mom and her siblings were raised.  If you look under the CD in my cd package, you'll see an old trunk that my Mom sent back from Germany, while she was in the army there.  If you look at the middle of the c.d., you'll see the address on  the trunk  along with my Mom and Grandpa's name.  The Bar is still called Shute's.  Betty's father was a miner and helped his brother with everything.  His name was Pete Shuty (different spelling). He  died in the mines when Betty was very young.  It was so great to see Betty and Roger.  There were also many other customers and friends that I have recently met, that were there on Monday night.  What a great night.  Thank you everyone.  Now I get it - the name of the restaurant - "The Heart & Soul Cafe"

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