Jake's Corner, AZ

OK, got the lowdown...Jake's Corner is next to Tonto Basin, on the South end of Roosevelt Lake, down the road from Tortilla Flats, and up the road from Punkin Center, and on the other side of Four Peaks Mountain (Planes, Trains, Trucks). Check out the movie made at Jake's Corner, called "Jake's Corner", due out on DVD next month. If you make it to Jakes, check out the Junction 87 Band. These guys play that good old country dance music that we all miss. You'll find a steak, beans & potato western restaurant/bar, serving fine folks & medium rare grillin'. The country music will take you back to what Arizona sounded like 25 years ago. In a couple weeks or so, my new album will be available on www.pennymenze.com, itunes, and on the jukebox at Jake's Corner!

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