Kris Kristofferson

Went to The Ryman Theatre to see Kris Kristofferson.  I'd had the ticket for a couple months.  Didn't know if he was doing a full band or what.  He did a 2 hour acoustic concert.  Just him, his guitar and harmonica's.  I was center/nose bleed.  Still a great seat for The Ryman.   He broke into Bobby McGee, played harpoon.  He talked about being in Nashville and working on being a writer. Talked about some of his friends.  Told us a story about how he was sitting up in the balcony one time, and Johnny was going to sing "Sunday Morning Coming Down", but back then the theatre manager told Mr. Cash that he couldn't sing the word "stoned".  Told Johnny he could use the word "Home". Johnny asked Kris if that would work, and Kris said it loses the meaning.  Cash didn't say if he was going to change it or not.  Kris said Johnny got up there and sang "Stoned".  About 1/2 way through the performance Kris said how he couldn't believe he was up on that stage singing. Said there was nothing like it.  I try to see as many shows at the Ryman as I can. Everytime, if the Artist is up there for a full show, about halfway through something overcomes them, and the show takes a turn.  I usually cry at this point.  Tonight was no different. Kris ended the night with "Why Me Lord".

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