LAX Noise

Sitting in my hotel room by the airport.... writing on "the story".  The traffic is so loud.  Guess I've spent too much time in the Keweenaw.  Guy Clark's song "LA Freeway", keeps playing in my head.  "Adios to all this concrete, going to get me some dirt road back street"  I sure do love those Texas singer songwriters.

After some writing today.... I"m gonna write me a song.  Been carrying my half pint Martin guitar with me.   Quite a site to see... Flight Attendant uniform (dress & boots), 3 suitcases hooked together  (roller bag, cooler bag and backpack), and a guitar strapped to my back.  I get questions and comments.... but not as many as when I was carrying a banjo. Which brings up the question.... where the hell is my Banjo?  I've been living out of 4 states and I've got 2 banjo's (3 banjo's counting my dog).  I think one Banjo is in Marquette and the other in Nashville if my memory serves me correct.  I will be moving all the Arizona stuff to Michigan at the end of this month.  Then only 3 States (MI, TN & Ill).  I think this is my inventory:  3 guitars in Arizona, 1 Banjo 3 guitars 1 keyboard in Nashville, 1 Banjo 2 guitars 1 Upright piano in Michigan, 2 guitars in Chicago.

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