Mickey Gilley

Yes...it's true.... I met the great Mickey Gilley today.  We flew together on Southwest Airlines. With Mickey was his long time friend an Agent Al Embry.  What a great trip and what a great time to be able to talk with this legend.  I didn't know he had a terrible accident last July, which left him parylized from his bacK down.   He only started walking about 2 months ago.  He's amazing. He was headed to Branson, Missouri to get ready to kick off his show season. This man has over 150 shows scheduled this year, at his theatre in Branson.  He's had a tough time getting his hand to work too. But says within a couple months "it'll be working".  Folks... we have to go see these great entertainers.  They are legends.  I'll be there...I'm hoping to go in June to see a show.  Mickey said.

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