Ontario, California

My first day back flying.  Drove in from Michigan this morning (to Chicago).  Weather was great. I decided to drive the truck down and haul a bunch of work and research to load up on the MAC while on trips.  There was no way to fly down with all this stuff.  Habits from my time off are flowing over to the work days.  I brought a personal size blender with me and some protein powder.  Have fruit... I will get ice in morning and blend a protein smoothie.  I walked 2 miles in the gorgeous CA weather and will now work on loading more scenes into "the story".  Tomorrow morning, will be waking up a 1/2 hour sooner than normal (short overnight/early wakeup... 3:00am!)....but, I will wake up early, journal and yoga.  On longer overnights I will be able to input research into the program and write on story.... tonight's time limited so scene input easy.  I feel like I really accomplished what I set out to accomplish in Michigan...forming habits!  I am already making better use of my time and at this very moment am using a stop watch....which (I learned)... really pushes you forward.

On the downside, I miss Banjo very much... he was always right next to me while typing away.  He would have loved the 2 mile walk today.  However, looks like he will begin hanging out on a farm while I'm out of town.... this he will LOVE and being with people all day :)  stay tuned.

Today's flight, a lady's eardrum burst.  She felt faint.  We called for medical help and sat her down.  An Air Force Doctor (Colonel) came back to help.  Says he deals with this all the time.  Told her step by step what she would be feeling next.  Sure enough.  I love our passengers.  Not only did this doctor come to the back, but also a paramedic and another doctor.  There are great folk out there.  More of them than the other..... I do know this.

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