Yesterday, flying from LAX to Nashville.  Anthony Smith came walking on the plane.  Anthony was my "cable guy" when I first got to Nashville in 1997.  He'd seen  my guitars and promo packages.  He told me the best "writer show" in town, was at the Broken Spoke Cafe, off of Trinity Lane.  He was super nice.  I did end up going to the Broken Spoke  This is where I met Debi Champion.  Immediately Debi started introducing me to everyone in the room.  I instantly had friends.  I was  originally so afraid to leave that apartment when I first got to Nashville.  I was almost frozen.  I didn't know where to start.  So I hooked up the cable, and met Anthony, little did I know, he would put me in the right direction, the first week I was in town.    I would see Anthony much at the writer shows.   He then got a Publishing deal.  Then bam.... He and Tony Lane wrote those magic words and George Strait cut one of their songs...."Run".  About that time Anthony got his own record deal.   This was a few years ago and since then Anthony has had many more big cuts.  So there he was yesterday, walking on the plane.  We hugged.  It was a fun flight and when we landed, I sang "Fly".  I rendition of Anthony's "Run".  "If There's a Southwest Plane Leaving LA, I hope you're on it...."  I dedicated it to my "Cable Guy".

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