RIP John Aleman

Today I will remember as the day my dear friend John Aleman passed away.  I met him in 1988.  Married to my sweet friend Kathy.  John had a presence.  He liked to make everyone feel comfortable and loved (more so than anyone I've ever known).  If he didn't like you, he'd let you know too.  He made you feel good and good enough.  He was a Sheep Herder, and came from a long line of Sheepherders. He loved his family and was very close to his parents...He cried until the end, of his fathers death.  He built and raced cars and loved his whiskey.  At Christmas, we would get together and sing Silver Bells.  He had the answer was a tradition.  I haven't talked to Kathy yet....I'd only seen the post on FB (from John's son).  I will call her tomorrow.  Her life has just changed.  Married since her 20's (40 years).  She will be OK.  With her faith in God, she is one of the strongest people I know.  I hadn't seen John recently, but I'm very happy to have had all the times we have.  He will be missed.

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