The Copper Country and Music City

It's getting closer.....packing up Banjo and heading to Nashville.  It's been a while since I've made Nasvhille my home base.  I've been holed up in the Copper Country for a time.  Home is where the dog is.  Time to get Banjo to Nashville and get to working on the next album.  I know Banjo will be a hit in Nashville.  He has a following in Michigan.  He's been on T.V., he saved a young girls life (who had fallen in the frozen river... he ran up the hill for help, barking like crazy, and help ran down the hill and pulled her out), he plays street hockey and soccer with the locals, neighbors are constantly coming by with presents for him.  Next month I have 5 gigs.  Most i've had in quite a while.  Three in Chicago, two in Michigan.  Time to get to work.  Sitting in San Jose, CA today... 4 hours of free time... will write on a song idea and learn some new material.  

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