The Plane never ceases to amaze me

Nashville to Dallas, in walks Barbara Cloyd.  Hadn't seen Barbara in years.  I use to attend one of her writer shows back in the late 90's.   I was recently thinking of her, that I should get in contact and reach out to old acquaintances.  Barbara moved to Nashville in the 80's. She carved her way in music city.  Wrote a hit song, hosted writer shows, is a coach for songwriters and scopes out new talent.  Was thinking I'd like to play the Bluebird Cafe sometime, but I have to attend an audition first.  These auditions are now held once per quarter.  I have not done any BlueBird shows in the past, because they book so far in advance (sometimes 6 months).  Back when I played steady in Nashville, I was always busy those certain nights and then later as a beginning Stewardess, there was no way to guarantee I'd have certain days off 6 months later.  During my parents final years (having a hard time saying this), there was no way I could plan shows that far out.  If you cancel the BlueBird.... good chances you'll be blackballed.... unless you are a famous writer. 

It was great to catch up with Barbara.  Quality time spent with people, brought together by the airplane.  Always amazes me.

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