Writer's Round, Nashville, TN

I'll be performing at Debi Champion's Writers Night, at the Commadore Lounge, Nashville, TN on St. Patrick's day.  I'm really looking forward to this round.  I'll be on stage with two other writers, Bobby Adams and Amber Shipley Doss.  Bobby and I wrote "Pray With Me", and this will be the first time that I have met Amber, although I've always known about her.  Her father Mike and I use to write songs together. He was the co-writer on AZ Moon and Carole Ann.  Mike passed away 8 years ago.  His daughter lives in Kentucky and this will be her first writer show in Nashville.  I'm very excited to meet Amber and share some of the songs that her Dad and I wrote together.  Lot's of friends  will be coming out to support Amber too. This will be a great night!!!

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