Writing on the Road

The backpack is my office and studio.  Did get some writing in this morning while on the road.  The more I write, I find the more I have to write!  Getting the MACbook Pro was a very wise choice.  Now time to exercise and have lunch.  In Detroit headed to PHX, then end up in Chicago. My goal is to have all scenes input, locations and characters by the end of the month.... once this happens, then 1,000's of notes and research must be placed strategically within the scenes and research portions....THEN, the actual story nailed together.  Came up with three song idea's yesterday... will bring my traveling guitar on the next trip to start on the songs.  What is so great, is that I can record on this laptop.  The office and studio travel with me!!  I will be able to work on this project, finish it, and make money while in this process!

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