Writing the Story

Steven King says to write 1,000 words per day.  Julia Cameron says to journal 3 pages of thoughts, first thing in the morning, before writing 1,000 words.   I am taking Julia's advice.  She is the author of "The Artist's Way".... she has coached, witnessed and had her own successes, by journaling the thoughts out.  But before all this, I align my day further.  Taking my friend Kathy's advice and reading her gifted daily devotional.  Upon a visit from Kathy last fall (to The Copper Country), I really enjoyed our times in the morning.  Fresh percolated coffee, reading the word of God, and ending with a prayer.  It sets the tone... Thank you Kathy xoxo.  I've been writing for a week now, the beginning draft of a Historic Fictional Drama.  It will support my story album, and the story album will support the book.  Today I wrote 1,350 words, yesterday 2,500, and today 1,500.  The good news is... the habit has begun.  Habit is what I wanted to produce this week.  Now, when back out on the road, I will be able to follow thru with a new routine. :)  Been carrying a guitar and yoga mat too.  I am feeling productive.... while nursing a broken toe. :@

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