They say if you repeat an activity 30 times, it becomes a habit.  I figure my 50's will be my most productive years in regards to music, creating, writing, singing and touring.  I must be in shape and form habits.  All went well this morning.... 1st I woke up (this went smooth).  Made coffee, journaled then read research material in my reading chair.  These new habits I have been very successful with.  Next was yoga.  TV on, picked out yoga DVD, unrolled mat.  Everything was going smooth until I sat crossed legged on the mat, stretching my arms with the instructor.  Banjo thought I wanted to fight.  He started biting my arms and hands.  Then while doing yoga poses, Banjo was scratching my head, licking my face, biting my arms and hands, trying to get on the mat everywhere I was.  It was too funny to tell him no.  We'll see how we do tomorrow.   After the big morning habit and breakfast....then straight to writing.  This is THE plan.  Today however...more research....  I found the Arizona Ranch location for The Story. Southeastern Arizona in the Sonoran Desert.  In the story we are dealing with Michigan, Arizona and Croatia. Tomorrow writing after the acupuncture appointment.  I must say.... I am feeling better.  Yoga, acupuncture, vitamins, SLEEP.  oh yeah,.... today a spinach, pineapple, apple protein smoothie.  I wish I could live like this everyday :)

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