Was on the phone with a dear friend tonight.  We shared positive affirmation ideas.  Tools for a paradigm shift.  Love it!!

Beginning my story writing/album writing quest again.  I never really stopped.... BUT, I've never finished either.  Another friend told me how the most successful people in this world know how to be stingy with their time... they know how to say "No".  Another friend shared how, what he has read about writers, is ....they don't talk about it.... they simply write.... and that is all they do everyday.  Commit to writing.  

Back to my dear friend.... We'll call her "Maggie", we talked about how women have another layer of life that pulls us in many directions.  Something that us women put on ourselves...but none the less, we do.  Maggie and I talked of affirmations, how our last words and thoughts at night need to be positive.... How to go down the list of "I am"s".  (ie:  I am a writer, I am having a lot of energy, I am singing great, my story is turning out great and easy to interact with)...  The list can be endless, and I must say... I do feel better in the morning. 

Maggie also gave me a quote from her aunt... "There is a lid for every imperfect pot".... inspiration for a conversation that we were having. 

I gave her one, "What Do You Want".  Because there are no excuses for being stagnant ... "What do you Want"?

We agreed to make signs and post them on our wall.

Tools and a support system!!!  

Everything is so much easier now.

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