Writer Shows

Different formats, for different writer shows.

I really enjoyed Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor tonight.  The venue is in Franklin, TN, and the owner is hands on.  The food was GREAT!  I had the jerk chicken, with sautéed spinach and corn bread pancakes!  Everyone there so friendly.... a family.  There was a back room full of jammers, or you can be in the main listening room.  In the summer time, I hear they group together outside too... either on the front porch, or out back.  In the listening room, each writer has 15 minutes, or 3 songs... could be 4 songs.  Everyone listens.  Some really great talent tonight.  After 9.....  a percussionist showed up and bass player.  There was also a guitar player.  You can do a solo, or have some accompaniment. 

Tonight was special also, because my friend Tajci performed.... she performed originals, but then she went into "Those Were the Days My Friend".... the whole place was singing.... I'm still singing the song in my head several hours later typing this Blog.  I'd performed my quarter hour slot earlier, but Tajci handed the guitar to me, and we sang the only Croatian song I knew (mostly knew).... Tajci sang the harmonies !  Loved it!   Funny, the audience didn't sing along with my song...!

Kimbro's in Franklin..... a jewel !

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