An Upcoming Concept Album

The Keweenaw Secret
Historical Fiction of Finding Roots & Completing the Circle

Part I
The Lullaby Wind
Close your eyes
Dream of amethyst skies
No matter where you roam
The Lullaby Wind
Will bring you back home
-Menze & Gibson 


Part II
The Devil's Rope
Dead or Alive
The Roots Take Care of You
- Menze


Part III
The Song Lives On
I'd sing you back to me
But it's a song that I can't write
For every love story
Will come to the end
But you can't put out a fire
When it is written in the wind
And even though you're gone.....
The Song Lives On
- Menze & Gibson



There is a very thin line of what may be real one day was not in fact real the next, as if vapor.... The reality or fantasy of a relationship

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