A Croatian Girl From Nashville. Come out and listen to a good old Croatian girl from Nashville.  Singer, songwriter and guitar player.  Penny Sutej-Menze will be featured here at the Croatian Club on Friday, February 26th. She will be performing a 3 hour classic country music concert. In 2012 Penny journeyed to Croatia for her first time to visit the homesteads, discover Croatia, the people, present and past, meet relatives, listen to all of their stories and last but not least; hear and learn the music and dance. ” - Croatian Culture Club

— Croatian Cultural Club Periodical

Penny, Got up this morning sat down on the couch and listened to your new cd.  I think it's great.  You should be really, really proud.  What an accomplishment.  It sounds as good as the cover looks. Hopefully good things will happen for you. Look forward to writing one with you. Let me know if anything changes for you. I don't have your phone number. See ya soon, JK ” - Jerry Kilgore

Music Connection

Songwriter and vocalist and stewardess Penny Menze, plays a variety of music between Nashville, Tennessee and Mohawk, MI way up in the Keweenaw Peninsula. She has frequented the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg and favors their product. However, she claims it's easier to purchase her favorite sour mash whiskey in Mohawk (where this photo is taken) than in Lynchburg, since it's a dry county. She will be playing at the White House Inn (Mohawk) at their annual Snow Ball in February! ” - Enrico Capogrossa

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