A true artist... a legend....  MANUEL.

I attended his 86th Birthday Party today.  He shared, how he designed his first dress...when he was seven. 

The image maker of the stars.  


What better place to be, New Years 2018, than HOLLYWOOD.   Starting the new year, where I want to end it.  Another sign?  Maybe, maybe not.  Not everything is "a sign".  Sometimes "a sign", is simply a test, which will cause a rabbit trail or detour.  I'll tell you what is NOT a sign..... passing out drinks on the airplane, only to have a coke violently spill against your dress, down your leg, and into your boot !!

Back to New Years..... Happy New Years to ALL!!  May we all start strong and end strong…

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Last Writer Show of the Year 

Last night's show was stellar. Host Rick Stevens, at the Commodore Grille does it up right.  I was invited into the round by Effron White, who also invited  Jim Martin.  These guys have very interesting songs... I hope whoever reads this, will happen to catch these fella's, if ever you are touring Nashville.  Effron has a really cool song called "It's My Heart That Writes These Songs", Jim has this song called "The Enchilada"..... Be sure and request those two songs.  Well... already, we will be together…

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Tips for Recording Better Vocal Tracks 

Tips for Recording Better Vocal Tracks

From getting a livelier vocal sound and selecting the right mic, to choosing the proper room and more.

Posted in MusicWorld on November 15, 2017 by Dave Simons 

It’s easy to fall into a rut when tracking vocals, particularly when all you’re doing is plugging a microphone straight into a recorder inside a small, arid space. Bear in mind, however, that listeners tend to respond to vocals that have body and life, rather than those that were merely plopped onto the…

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GSC Holiday Mixer 

Tonight, I was invited to the "Global Songwriters Connection Holiday Mixer".  It was held at the CMA Building on Music Row.   This organization is a great resource and networking connection for songwriters.  Met some great contacts tonight and reconnected with old friends!  Debbie Pascarella (songwriter), catered the event!  She's a friend that lives right here in Goodlettsville... she's Italian and as you can imagine....LOVES to cook.  A fantastic job she did!!  Met a Book Editor....he came with great…

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Writer Shows 

Different formats, for different writer shows.

I really enjoyed Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor tonight.  The venue is in Franklin, TN, and the owner is hands on.  The food was GREAT!  I had the jerk chicken, with sautéed spinach and corn bread pancakes!  Everyone there so friendly.... a family.  There was a back room full of jammers, or you can be in the main listening room.  In the summer time, I hear they group together outside too... either on the front porch, or out back.  In the listening room, each writer…

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Write, Write, Write 

Writing..... Write.... Write....   Even though I'm only writing a summary treatment of the story... it is natural to embellish.   Write, Write.

I heard from my son last night.  He is getting ready for his Arizona elk hunt.  It's been awhile since I have hunted elk.  I'm looking forward to joining him!!  I may even see my eldest granddaughter...... K'Lane!

The nice thing about computers and internet, is that I can write the story anywhere and register it, with the writers guild, anywhere!  It will be great…

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I are one! 

I wanted to be a story writer, now "I are one" 

Today was fruitful.... my rear end tired from sitting. The curls are all out of my hair....from periodically pulling it.

I'm still not as diligent as I should be... but the habit is getting stronger.  A few life things got in my way today.  But still was able to put  some good hours in writing on story... also a new song idea.  Got some exercise too.... Gorgeous day for a bike ride. 

I'm on a roll.... I must hit the hay....  I'm raring to start in the…

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Was on the phone with a dear friend tonight.  We shared positive affirmation ideas.  Tools for a paradigm shift.  Love it!!

Beginning my story writing/album writing quest again.  I never really stopped.... BUT, I've never finished either.  Another friend told me how the most successful people in this world know how to be stingy with their time... they know how to say "No".  Another friend shared how, what he has read about writers, is ....they don't talk about it.... they simply write.... and that is all…

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Writer Show & Blues Jam 

Last night, found a great Writer Show Venue, and heard some great writers.  After the writer show...there was a Blues Jam...featuring some quite talented and well known Nasvhille Blues players.  Even ran into an old acquaintance, who invited me to sit in with his band on Sunday... Lower Broad in Nashville, at Layla's. 

The new venue to check out is "The Country", 110 28th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37203.  I will be looking into future events there!!

I'm looking forward to spending the winter and spring…

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