Writer Show & Blues Jam

Last night, found a great Writer Show Venue, and heard some great writers.  After the writer show...there was a Blues Jam...featuring some quite talented and well known Nasvhille Blues players.  Even ran into an old acquaintance, who invited me to sit in with his band on Sunday... Lower Broad in Nashville, at Layla's. 

The new venue to check out is "The Country", 110 28th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37203.  I will be looking into future events there!!

I'm looking forward to spending the winter and spring in Nashville.  Today I've begun sorting my 2 suitcases of notes...notes for "the story" and the story album.  Where to begin?  I found notes and beginning writings of the story...that I'd forgotten about!!!  So much information that needs to be plugged in and organized... also many research books.....that I haven't read yet!!!  Nose to to the grindstone!!  

Have also begun connecting and reconnecting with friends and connections.  Spoke with my producer today.... he welcomed me back to town.  I must get it all organized, so I can successfully approach writing and co-writiing.... and begin to come up with my project map !!

It's good to be back in Nashville!!  More Later!! 


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