That Don't Stop Me From Loving You Tony Lane David Lee Johnny Park
VerseWell I've taken your picture from down off of the mantle Had a last look at you in those Mexican sandals You bought, down in CancunThen I stuffed everything that you left in your wakeIn an old cardboard box and I drove to the lake And tosed it, into the Blue But that don't stop me, from loving you VerseWell I've thought long and hard 'bout the night that you left And you had your reasons for going, I guess, After all That we’ve been through Had good times and bad times and those in between And they say there’s just some things that weren’t meant to be And I know, that might be true But that don’t stop me, from loving you Bridge And I know in my soul That wherever I go, I’ll always be where you are And as long as I’m breathing This feeling I’m feeling will rattle around in my heart Verse So I thought you should know that I’ve taken a job Out on the west coast where I could get lost and find My way out of the blue And I met somebody outside of Salinas And we took some comfort in cheap margaritas And danced, under the moon But that don’t stop me, from loving you Ride Bridge When it’s all said and done And my days in the sun Are numbered and few That won’t stop me, from loving you