From the recording White Collar Biker Girl Blues


White Collar Biker Girl Blues Penny Menze Jonell Mosser ©2001 Chorus I bought me a Harley, and filled it with gas I got my wallet and some brand new chaps Everything I need, fits in my saddle bags Put on my gloves, waved goodbye I’m gonna ride away at last Verse Well my man, he is rich But he’s a dirty low down, son of a business man And he wouldn’t have any friends If it weren’t for the money, in his hands He won’t miss me when I leave He’s got his mistress, to keep him company Verse I got so tired of all those phony acts People being friendly Just ‘cause I was married to that man They didn’t care what kind of person I am All’s that matters to them Is what and how much you have Chorus So I bought me a Harley, filled that sweet little tank Put my good clothes in storage, Mama’s jewelry in the bank Everything I need, fits in these saddle bags My gloves wave goodbye, I’m gonna ride away at last Ride Verse I’m gonna feel the wind in my hair I wanna ride like I didn’t have a care I wanna see all my old friends in Arizona And breath all that free air But don’t get me wrong This Harley’s not all I need I’ve got two moving vans right behind Chorus I got me a Harley, filled it up with gas Got my Jimmy Choo boots in James Dean black That would lay Imelda Marcos flat on her back My little Prada gloves waive goodbye I’m gonna jump on this Fat Boy and ride away at last (I’m gonna take that Fat Boy on a sweet ride at last)